Tuesday, 07/13/10

5 rounds of:
15 reps Backsquat (Bodyweight)
200m run (turn right out of the center doors, take a left toward the stairway to heaven, but run to the back wall. Touch the wall then run back to the gym.

post weight and time to comments


JWM said...

13:52 scaled

BW = 180
Back squat = 165 (first round) 155 (last four rounds)
Legs = Smoked
Heart = Small

Mark R said...

Signed up for a half-marathon in Chicago in September so started the training plan this morning. Injecting a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday running plan with CF on M,W,F.

4x800 - 3:15, 3:16, 3:26, 3:24

Chris M said...

11:42 scaled

BW = 195
BS = 135 (I suck at Back squats and worked more on my form)

JC said...

11:25 scaled

BW = 185
Back squat = 185 (first two rounds) 155 (last three rounds)

Felt bad about missing yesterday's WOD so I tried it as a BR today. Didn't have a whole lot left, but at least I provided some entertainment for everyone else with my attempts at the assisted HSPUs.

Anonymous said...

13:45 scaled.

BW - 200
Back Squat - 185 (first three rds)
165 (last two rds)


Tex said...

10:37 as rx'd
BW 165
BS 165

I'm ashamed that I missed the crew this AM. I just didn't hear my alarm. I got smoked by Clint this afternoon. He did it as prescribed in 10:07 (BW 175). Awesome.

ChadC said...

11:30 as rx'd