Monday, 07/12/10

For total reps:
10 min Hand Stand Push-Ups
5 min Air Squats
2 min Pull-Ups
1 min Push-Ups

Post total number of reps to comments


Mark R said...

125 Squats
35 Pull ups
30 Push ups
100% tired

Chris M said...

60 HSPU (band-assisted)
153 squats
33 pull-ups
32 push-ups
278 Total

Good WOD!

Tex said...

200 squats
50 pull-ups
40 push-ups

346 total

JWM said...

30 HSPU (30 regular &30 with bands)
145 Squats
37 Pull-ups
25 Push-ups
267 Total

I definitely missed the mark on intensity this time. I think I could have done much better with the last three exercises by trimming rest periods.

NM said...

208 Squats
57 Pull-ups
45 Push-ups
348 Total

JWhips said...

So I went to the affiliate in town today. It was nice to be able to be in a nice CrossFit environment. We did Johnson, from the main site last week. I scaled to 225lb DL and 115lb SC. 4 rounds + 5 DL.

I think I'll join this affiliate for my time here. I'll be doing their WODs so I guess I won't be posting any more. I sure miss B&G. Take care.

O'ya, I also ran for 40 minutes this morning :(.

JWM said...

Glad to hear you found a crew to work with. That said, we miss you here! Best of luck out there.