Monday, 07/26/10

Row 2km for time
100 Double Unders for time

Post times for both events to comments.


Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

You know what would be cool? New shirts to welcome in the new academic year? I bet someone could ocme up with a new design...I know I'd buy one...who's with me?!

Chris said...

2k 7:47. 13:00 total, but DUs were coming in consistent 10+ numbers by the end so that's an improvement.

JC said...

2K Row = 7:35 (still shooting for the 7 minute goal)

DUs = 6:26 Mixed alot of runs of 3 to 5 DU's with singles. Working towards consistent runs of DUs.

kseki said...

Because I love Burpee/Box jumps so much, I decided to do last weeks WOD again.
Row 1000m
30 Burpee Box Jumps
Row 1000m
Improved by a minute and a half.

Chris M said...

2k: 8:23
DUs: 6:30 (but after only managing about 20 DUs, I went for a 3:1ratio and did the rest singles. I didn't know the ratio was supposed to be 5:1. Still working on DUs.

mattb said...

Row 2K : 6:52 (I was gagging on my lungs at the end)

Double Unders: 4:31 (still pretty rough once I'm tired)

NM said...

What's up, B&G?!! Just getting settled here at Leavenworth and missed the crew so I knocked out your WOD this AM. mattb, crazy sick time on the row! Great work!

So, I did 7:37 on the 2K row and 1:16 on the DUs...definitely missed the morning crew. Give everyone my best. Later...

Stroh's Lite said...

7:27 2K row
5:23 100 DU

I'm all in for the shirts.