Thursday, 07/15/10

For Time:
155 pound barbell, Shoulder to overhead, 20 reps
40 Burpees
Partition as needed, any order.
Post time to comments.
WOD Demo video with Jason Khalipa [wmv] [mov].


JWM said...

3:47 scaled to 115 lbs

Did all 20 presses and then the 40 burpees. Probably could have gone up to 135 instead of 115 and broken it into sets.

Amazing effort by NM this morning who knocked out yesterday's WOD in 1/2 my time (literally) and then turned around and did today's WOD as Rx'd as well!

NM said...

Knocked out "Nasty Nick" from yesterday: 6:54.

Today's WOD: 4:57.

JWM, thanks for the had a significant impact on my effort level.

JWhips, we miss you!! Hope things are going well out in New Mexico.

JWhips said...

NM, New Mexico is going well for the family. I'm at Fort Gordon now for ILE. I joined up with the local CrossFit. At least at Leavenworth you'll have Iron Major to work out with. Good luck with your PCS.

Black and Gold is a great thing. I hope everyone truly appreciates everything.

Anonymous said...

4:55 as rx'd.

For a second I congradulated myself for beating your time, NM. But then I see that you also did yesterday's WOD...I am humbled once again.

Tex said...

4:56 as rx'd

Well, I thought that I did well, until I saw NM and Mac's times. Yet again, I was soundly beaten.