Thursday, 07/29/10

"20 pieces of Angie"

For time:
20 rounds
5x Pull-ups
5x Push-ups
5x Sit-ups
5x Squats

Post time to comments.


Mark R said...

B&G - nothing like moving to get in the way of getting to the gym. I'm thinking about a CF Games style when I get settled and making up an entire week in a weekend - 3 workouts on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. This past week would be great for this. I'll be sure to post the results.

JC said...


Good workout. Reminded me of my first CF workout.

kseki said...

Great WOD. Curious what my time would be on original Angie.

Chris said...


Chris M said...

I think I did 20 rounds. I was a little delirious toward the end.

Tex said...

Accidentally did push-ups before pull-ups. I learned a valuable lesson this AM. Don't do situps on a sandy playground and do pull-ups on 3 inch diameter pole.