Friday, 07/16/10

The morning crew on NM's last day.
***If you are debating whether to come to this WOD, please do!  It looks like this will be MAJ Mayo's last WOD with B&G CrossFit.  Come support him and thank him for the amazing energy he has brought to the morning crew!***

Weighted Hill Run:

Bring a weighted vest or pack (IBA + 20lbs is prescribed)
Start at the south corner of Arvin Gym. Run north and turn left into the parking lot. At the end of the lot, turn left up chapel hill. Continue up the hill until you reach the entrance to the PX. Return to the gym at a relaxed pace.

Post time and weight to comments.

Compare to 7/7/09.


JWhips said...

NM, you are my hero. I wish I could be there to see you out. You were a BIG inspiration for me to ever start CrossFit. I'm sure I can speak for others in saying that having you there every morning made it fun and makes people want to come back for more.

Best of luck on the PCS. I know that the family will be glad to have you back. Good luck with Iron Major CrossFit. I know you'll spread the wealth with our classmates that don't know CrossFit yet. Hopefully we'll serve together again somewhere down the line.


Kings said...

NM, I have to second the hero part. Unfortunately, I have not got to work out with you as much as others, but I always liked having to chase after you when I did. Sorry I am down at Ft. Lee for this one.

Good luck at Leavenworth, bro.

Tex said...

14:26 w/ IBA + 20lbs

I got smoked yet again by NM. I have to steal from JWhips' and Kings' posts. NM you are my hero. I hope that someday I can be the officer that you have modeled to every cadet whom you have influenced over the past few years. Best of wishes on your PCS. I hope to find you as my BN commander someday.

Climb On!

JWM said...

16:39 as Rx'd

NM, let me reiterate the nice stuff said by the others. I remember hesitantly walking into B&G for the first time last summer and receiving a really warm welcome from you. Your encouragement and friendliness made it easy to come back the next day. Your attitude and work ethic are amazing and motivating to all of us. You will be greatly missed here at B&G CrossFit.

Chris M said...


NM, you are the man! Best of luck out there. Thanks for everything you have done not only for B&G Crossfit, but the entire academy!
I hope to serve with you down the road!

NM said...

Fellas, appreciate the props, but you guys and the rest of the B&G community are what made this experience so rewarding for me. While I love working out each day, the real reason I love B&G is the people. Thanks for being such a big part of my life here at West Point. More later, but I gotta run to a change of command rehearsal w/the SUPT! Thanks again for all your kind words...I really appreciate it.

Chris said...

NM, thanks for the welcome and motivation when I started with B&G late last August and since then. Sorry I couldn't make it, ITP has rolled into Squad STX out at Buckner. Take care.

Anonymous said...

NM, sorry for missing this wod, I wish I could've been there for it. Thank you for all that you have done with B&G and for being such a great example to look up to. I wish you the best of luck with your career and hopefully we will run into each other again. WWNMD