Wednesday, 14 NOVEMBER 2012



5 rounds for time
10 x knees to elbows
15 x hand release push-ups
20 x kettlebell swings (53/35)
Run Stairway to Heaven

Post time to comments.


Nate said...

22:50. As Rx'd other than switching full swings for Russian swings. Great workout today, and good to see a good group!

Joe W said...

23:52 rx.

Matt said...


Great group this morning. Way to get the work done.

As Rx'd: 19:48

Adam said...

22:43 as rx'd.

Miserable, but fun!

Nice work by a big group this morning on a tough one!!

R.K. Barker said...

That was tough, but good. I substituted Russian swings for Americans, but other than that went as Rx'd. 19:51. I won't be by tomorrow because I have my boxing mid-term A hour.

EJ Gust said...

Did this last night and substituted a 300m hill run next to my house for the Stairway to Heaven.
Great workout!

JC said...

Had to make this one up, too good not to!