Friday, 23 NOVEMBER 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Two things for today -

1)  Stay active - if you skipped out yesterday, then you MUST get after it today!  Make-up yesterday's WOD AND do today's!!

2)  Take a picture of yourself workout out while wearing either your Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt or your WOD for Warriors shirt.  Email it to me:  and I will post this weekend so we can see how everyone spent their long weekend!  You don't have to be doing a WOD, you can simply be playing football, wrestling with your friends, and showing your family members how to do handstand push-ups!  Regardless, do something active while representing B&G/West Point!


"Create your own WOD" - the mission for today is for YOU to create your own WOD with the equipment you have available to you.  It is supposed to be a strength focused day, so if you can incorporate any weight lifting or strength training, that would be great!  Remember that you don't need barbells, wall balls, or pull-up bars to do great WODs - find a heavy rock, use a 50 lbs. bag of concrete or sand, grab that big bag of dog food, use a tree limb or play ground for pull-ups, knees to elbows, etc.!!  Be creative and let everyone know what you came up with!

Post WOD details and results to comments and email picture of yourself getting after it!!


R.K. Barker said...

It's amazing what a couple days off will do to you! I focused on strength today and did a push up pyramid.
30,20,10,10,20,30 for a total of 120 push ups, it was tough, but good.

Adam said...

RK - nice work, great job staying active!

Today I did:
10-10-10-5-5 - Shoulder Press and ran 800 meters for time after each set. 800m was approximate and had a nice little hill!


800m: 2:57; 3:02; 2:56; 2:50; 2:47

It felt GREAT to get out and get after it!! Highly recommend getting out of the house and burning off some of those Turkey Day calories!!

Mickey said...

Wod from yesterday: 18:00, however I think my 1 mile route was a little short.

Too much food and hard cider yesterday. Run felt like trash today.

ErinM said...

Did Thursday's WOD: 18:28. Ankle injury meant that I replaced the 1 mile run with 350 m of lunges (I did lunges for 6:45 minutes each time there was a mile to approximate running a mile).

Followed by the Dessert Cash Out: 45 sec of handstand, 45 sec off: 7 rounds + 22