Wednesday, 21 NOVEMBER 2012

Today there is a modified schedule which sadly means no morning crew!!  Arvin opens at regular hours, so try to find time for one last WOD before Thanksgiving Leave!!

Get some and leave some room for dessert!!!!

11 x gobble-gobble, goblet squats (53/35)
11 x leftover lunges (weighted with 53/35 KB in each hand)
11 x cranberry sauce sit-ups (weighted with 5335 KB on chest)
11 x mashed potatoes to bar  (toes to the bar in case you didn't get the pun!)
400 meter turkey trot (run Gym Loop)
Dessert (cash-out)
Handstands ala mode!  (max rounds of: 45 second handstand hold, rest 45 seconds)
NOTE:  Once you aren't able to hold the handstand for 45 seconds straight, you are done! 

Post number of rounds complete for the main course and dessert to comments!  Also, share with everyone what your favorite dish was!! 


Adam said...

oh boy, that was tough!

After the first round as rx'd, I had to scale the lunges to holding a single 53 KB to my chest. The first round of 2 x KBs crushed me!

4 rounds + 2 gobble, gobble, goblet squats

Dessert - TOUGH! - 2 rounds + 30 seconds on the 3rd round!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

JC said...

I'm thankful for tough WODs!

As RX'd - 4 Rounds, 11Goblet Squats, and 2 Lunges

Dessert - 2 rounds - 37 Seconds on the 3rd Round

Matt said...


I did this one at home so I wasn't able kip the T2Bs, I had to replace the second 53lbs Kettlebell with a 70lbs one and my lap was over .3 miles.

I started with heavy overhead. 3 sets of 5 (110,120,130) then max reps of push press/push jerk with 140lbs (12-6)

WOD: 3 rounds + 50 of my 4th run

Dessert: 4 rounds + 15 seconds

jswobe said...

Just the WOD...

100m short of 4 rounds.

Good WOD.