Thursday, 29 NOVEMBER 2012

Announcements:  We will meet in the 3rd floor weight room today. Try to arrive as early as possible so we can grab the needed space.

Equipment needed:  TOWEL and barbell

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will demo the front squat and Adam will provide points of performance.  Everyone will then have a chance to practice.


Partner Front Squat Ladder, Reverse Beat the Clock

Front squat with increasing load

You and your partner have 2 minutes to complete each round.  The barbell starts from the ground and you can use any method you'd prefer to get it off the ground.  Once either you or your partner cannot hang, it becomes an individual effort.  Start at 45 lbs. and increase the load by 20 lbs. each round.

Example:  Person A does 10 front squats at 45 lbs., then Person B does 10 front squats at 45 lbs.  Rest the remainder of the 2 minutes and add 10 lbs. to each side.  Then Person A does 9 reps at 65 lbs., Person B does 9 reps at 65 lbs., then rest and adjust weights.  Continue this sequence until one person is unable to complete the reps in time.  After that point the other person continues on as an individual effort.

Post results and partner's name to comments.


Adam said...

great interview with Rich Froning:

Nate said...

Won't be able to make tomorrow's WOD - have a lab I still have to finish tonight, due tomorrow.
Will see everyone Friday.

Adam said...

a small, but mighty crew this morning! It was crowded in the weight room, so good to we found enough space.

I completed the 5 reps at 145, but failed at 165. I was able to get under the weight on the clean, but couldn't stand it up despite 4 attempts!!!

Mickey said...

Failed at 165. Got 2 reps. Couldn't finish the other two

Darrin G. said...

Got after it C hour. Got 1 rep at 185:(

ErinM said...

Scaled this one a lot. Started at ~45 (20kg) and increased by 2.5 kg each round. Made it to 4 at 35kg before failing. Clearly need to keep working on the front squats.

jswobe said...
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jswobe said...

I finished the two reps at 205...which was a PR on the clean!

I didn't even attempt the 225. Getting under, steadying and standing up on the first rep at 205 took all that I had. I wussed out and avoided the (most likely) inevitable failure. THS...