Wednesday, 28 NOVEMBER 2012

Announcements:  Today we will meet in the '62 room.

Equipment needed:  Bring an assault pack or weighted vest weighing approximately 25 lbs.  If need be, bring your assault pack and load in a 25 lbs. plate - just be sure to return the weight before you leave!! Also, grab one kettle bell or dumb bell per person.

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt will lead the group through kettle bell swings, Adam discuss pull-ups, and then everyone gets a chance to practice each wearing their assault pack.


"Heavy Helen" - wear your 25 lbs. assault pack or weighted vest for the entire WOD!!!

3 rounds for time - 25 minute time limit!
Run 1 x super gym loop (basement all the way to the top floor!)
21 x kettle bell swings (70/53) [note: scale as needed to maintain intensity!]
12 x pull-ups [beyond rx'd - scale up to chest to bar pull-ups!!]

NOTE:  Right now we can only find 1 x 70 lbs. kettle bell in the '62 room.  So either use a dumb bell or scale to 53 lbs. if the 70 lbs. KB is in use when you need it.
NOTE2:  Scale as needed to maintain intensity - you can drop your assault pack if needed for an exercise if needed.

Post time to comments.


Matt said...


That was every bit as fun as I thought it would be. My goal was to do all KBS and PU unbroken, but due to grip I came off the bar before my last PU. I used a 20lbs vest with an additional 5lbs attached, and a 70lbs KB. The stairs SUCKED.

As Rx'd: 16:19

Mickey said...

papers on projects on problem sets last night. I'm going to have to make this one up eventually. looks like a good smoker. didn't get much sleep last night

Nate said...

Scaled a little less than half of the KBS.
Scaled the PU, and that was still the part of the WOD that killed my time.
And I have to agree that the run was terrible.
Great WOD, though!

Adam said...

That was TOUGH...stairs were miserable!!! Oh my, if you missed this one it is your duty to punish yourself later by doing this one!!


Scaled KBS to 53 lbs., otherwise RXd.

R.K. Barker said...

That was a toughie, sucked coming back up 6 flights with the 25 lb vest afterwards. Scaled the KBS to 53 and quickly realized Russians would be best after the run, dumped the vest for the last two rounds of pull ups so I would be able to finish in time and keep the intensity up.


It was good.

Mickey said...

Just made up the workout after combatives; absolutely brutal.

25lb plate in my assault pack.
70lb KBS w/ eye level swings

ALMOST made it out unscathed; tore my hand during the last 4 pullups. oh well.

ErinM said...

Will make this one up for sure.

Due to various constraints, did Cindy today. 17 rounds + 3 pull-ups.

JC said...

As Rx'd: 21:19

I didn't bring my assault pack along with me so I subbed two 15lb dumbbells on my gym loops and a 25lb plate for the pullups.

The 70lb KB was no joke!

I concur on the stairs, not fun at all, but we'll all be stronger and faster for it.

jswobe said...


I forgot about the "Super gym loop," so I think I was quite a bit short on the runs. I only did 400m...

Good WOD!