Tuesday, 13 NOVEMBER 2012

Welcome back from the long weekend!

We will link-up in the '62 room to warm-up for a bit and then move to Hayes to knock out a blast from the past!

If you want to pick up a West Point WOD for Warriors shirt, please let me know!  $15 each or 2 for $25!


Cross monkey bars - touch all bars!
Rope climb (15')
Run 2.5 laps (approx. 400 meters)
Rest 1 minute  (during your 'rest' walk down the stairs back to the start point)

Compare to:  17 NOV 2011

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Matt said...


Good turnout for the morning crew.

4 rounds + 1/2 lap

Adam said...

I second Matt's sentiments - great to see a big group after a long weekend!

4 rounds + rope climb

Fun times!

Nate said...

4 rounds + 1/4 lap.
Good start to the week.

jck said...

4 rounds exactly.

Ate to much junk food as CDO.