Tuesday, 6 NOVEMBER 2012

Announcements - 3 days until WOD for Warriors!

Today we will meet in the 3rd floor weight room - be sure to bring a towel!!  Work with a partner or two to minimize the amount of equipment we need.

For the cadets and officers who are platoon leaders or platoon mentors for the PME2 Leader Challenge, there is a "144 WOD" today run by the Leader Challenge team.  If you are planning on doing the WOD, it is at 0530 at the River Courts. Uniform is PTs with necessary snivel gear...it will be cold!   I (Adam) will be out doing this WOD, so I will miss the morning crew of B&G!

Equipment needed - Bring your jump rope; grab a few of the lifting platforms and get the bar set-up for deadlifts.  Start light to warm-up.

Warm-up and instruction - Matt will demo the deadlift and points of performance. Everyone will then get a chance to practice and finish warming up.


5-5-5 Deadlift*

NOTE:  After each set of 5 deadlifts, do double-unders for time (Advanced = 100, Intermediate = 50, Beginner = 25).  The idea is not to spend a ton of time on double-unders (limit yourself 3 minutes each time), but practice stringing them together for time.  You will do a total of 3 sets of double-unders.
NOTE2:  Find a suitable place for double-unders - doing them in the 3rd floor weight room is probably a bad idea, so do them in the hall - leave enough room for people to walk by without being whipped in the face.
NOTE3:  There is no time component to the deadlift portion, so focus on form and try for max load.  Rest as needed between each set and before/after the double-unders.

Post loads for deadlifts and time to complete each of the double-under sets to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

I won't be able to make it, my company is having a brief at 0620. I'll try and make the WOD up sometime and get it posted.

Mickey said...

195 x 5
100 DU: 1:06
225 x 5
100 DU: 1:11
255 x 8
100 DU: 1:26

used the percentage of 1RM scheme from the 5/3/1 program. Looks like I need to test my 1RM again for deadlift.

Matt said...


Deadlifts: 300-320-340

I did 100 double-unders after each set. I didn't time myself, but I did all sets with 4 breaks or less.

ErinM said...

Deadlifts: 55-60-60kg (121-132-132)
Followed by dips (no jump rope)

Weight was low because I had just finished Fran.