Friday, 9 NOVEMBER 2012

Today is the WOD for Warriors at the Youth Activities Center (BLDG 500) near Keller Army Hospital.  The action kicks off around 1700 (beginners) and goes until around 2100 (competition).  We have several B&G members who are going to represent!  If you still want to do the WOD at the event, come on down - walk-in registration is available!  If you are away from West Point, you can still do the WOD - remember PT is ALWAYS free!!!  Folks who do the WOD on-site pay and get a cool t-shirt...but you can always do the WOD somewhere else and not pay a dime! 


Make-up day!  If you have missed any of the WODs this week, now is the time to right that wrong and get it done!  If you are doing the WOD for Warriors later today, use this time to either to a light workout (jog a few miles at an easy pace, work on some of your goats, etc.) or get some extra sleep!

I hit all the WODs this week, so I will be sleeping in a bit! 

Post your chosen WOD and results.  Also, if you do WOD for Warriors please post your results as well!


Mickey said...

Made up the workout from Wednesday with Andrew.

110 Thrusters Rx'd.

3 rounds even.

Absolutely horrible. Good way to close out my week. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck at WFW

R.K. Barker said...

WOD For Warriors was awesome! I competed in the intermediate level and got 5 rounds plus 7 double unders. It was a toughie, but a lot of fun!

Adam said...

I second RK's comment! WOD for Warriors was AWESOME!!!!! We had a great showing from B&G - Caleb, RK, Alex, and Matt Radik (who finished 2nd overall!)

I finished the Advanced-Recreational Division and did 3 rounds + 8 ground to overhead as rx'd (95#).

It was TOUGH, but awesome!

ErinM said...

Sounds like WOD for Warriors was a great event, and I am sorry to have missed it. Instead, we had a cohesion-building, full battalion run on Friday morning - 20km! We ran as a group and did it in about 2 hours and a couple of minutes.

Tomorrow: French boxing competition! A first...