Saturday & Sunday, 3-4 NOVEMBER 2012

I am extremely proud of the Black and Gold CrossFit team who battled Air Force in the 6th Annual Black and Blue competition.  Our team fought hard and ended up 1 point short (16-15)!!!   Our teams battled in 8 events:  1 mile run, power cleans (135/95), bench press (bodyweight), bar muscle-ups, double-unders, handstand push-ups, burpees, and knees to elbows!  It was a brutal series of WODs and our competitors showed some extraordinary heart!

If you see any of our competitors, please pat them on the back and tell them job well done!

Great work by:
Jared Kayajan
Mickey Koss
Andrew Bovard
RK Barker
Caleb Cline
Caleb McDaniel
Anne Lee
Shaina Coss
Alex Cattley
Michael Shaeffer
Thomas Hinds
Sean Fullam

A big thanks to those who helped run the event:  Josh and Danielle Hunter, Matt Radik, LTC W., Jordan Inman, Darren Griffin, and Ben & Chelley Macon.

The next big CrossFit event is the West Point WOD for Warriors on Friday, 9 NOVEMBER!  If you haven't registered yet, act fast!

BEAT AIR FORCE!!!!!!!!!!

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njc said...

good job, guys. Sounds like it was close. Big win on the gridiron today.