Wednesday, 7 NOVEMBER 2012

Announcements - 2 days until WOD for Warriors!

Today we will meet in the 3rd floor weight room.

Equipment needed - 1 x barbell per set of partners + motivation and heart of a lion!

Warm-up and instruction - Matt will demo the thruster and Adam will provide points of performance.


Today's WOD is a partner WOD, so find a buddy and let's get after it!


Person A - runs from 3rd floor weight room down to the 62 room and knocks out 15 x pull-ups & then runs back up the Stairway to Heaven to tag out with partner.

Person B - does max reps of thrusters (95/65) while partner is gone.  

Once Person A returns switch roles - Person A thrusters and Person B runs down to do pull-ups.  Once both are complete, that is one round.

Post partner's name, number of rounds complete and running total of thrusters complete to comments.


Adam said...

oh my, that was terrible! 20 minutes of misery! Who comes up with this craziness?!?

I paired up with Matt and we did 3 rounds with about :45 seconds to spare. I hobbled to the stairs before time ran out.

We did 152 thrusters as rx'd (although Matt did C2B pull-ups)

Sheer awesomeness for those that were brave enough to go! Nice work Sean, RK, Darrin, Nate, and Jared!

Adam said...

oh yeah and JC well!!

Mickey said...

late night last night. going to make up the WOD from Monday after combatives today.

ErinM said...

In spirit of thrusters and pull-ups, I did Fran.

I think this was the first time as RX'd (30kg~66lb):

That was miserably fun!

Mickey said...

Mondays Wod:

6 rounds + 5 hspu.


Miserable. Some kid in the 62 room asked me if i was on a team or just killing myself for fun. Thought that was funny.

Nate said...

Jared and I got 110 thrusters at 75. Glad we scaled because I know my contribution to that total would have been significantly less. I think we got in almost 3 rounds... Great workout, though.

R.K. Barker said...

I was partnered with myself. I started off with the run and pull ups. I gave myself as much time on the thrusters as I took to do the pull ups and run, and counted one round after I completed thrusters. Using this logic, I completed 2.5 rounds and 22 thrusters. A good one, tomorrow looks fun too!

JC said...

3 rounds partnerless with Adam and Matt as my pace team.

Thrusters: 61 total (15,16,20,10)