Tuesday, 27 NOVEMBER 2012

Announcements:  We will meet in the '62 Room...see you there bright and early!!

Equipment needed:  Medicine ball and jump rope.

Warm-up and instruction:  Matt with lead the group through med ball clean progression sequence and everyone will have a chance to practice.  We will then give everyone a chance to practice wall ball shots and double-unders for a bit.


25 x wall ball shots (20/14) at 10' mark
50 x double-unders (3:1 single-under or 1:1 tuck jump sub)

Rest 5 minutes, then

15 x wall ball shots
25 x double-unders

Post number of rounds complete for each AMRAP to comments.


Mickey said...

First 5min: 2rounds + 2WB
Second 5min: 3R+WB+12DU

WB's mostly rx'd

Couldn't get a double under to save my life in the first AMRAP and i have the welts on my arm to prove it. Oh well. That was a nasty combo today. WB's are the bane of my existence.

Adam said...

that was tougher than I thought it would be!! Nice work by the morning crew!

1st AMRAP: 2 rounds + 15 WBS
2nd AMRAP: 3 rounds + 12 WBS
Rx'd for both

The DUs were tough after the first round!!!

Matt said...


I agree with Adam. That was much tougher than I thought.

1st AMRAP: 2 rds + 16 WB
2nd AMRAP: 4 rds + 3 WB

JC said...

1st AMRAP: 2 rounds
2nd AMRAP: 4 rounds + 2 WBS

That's the hardest I've had to work to get 2 rounds!

jswobe said...

#1: 2 rounds (and a few WBS)
#2: 4 rounds

That was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be...