Thursday, 17 November

Let's meet in the '62 room to warm-up and brief the WOD, then we will go to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

Cross monkey bars - touch all bars!
Rope climb ('15)
200 meter run (run 2.5 laps and then return to start by ropes)
Rest 1 minute

Post number of rounds to comments.


Adam said...

Wow, a small crew of 2 this morning! Not sure what happened to everyone else, but it was a quiet one this morning.

I gave my back a rest from running, so I did 10 x rope climbs (untimed) and then did a 10 minute bike interval with a :60/:30 work/rest and covered 2.87 miles total. I hate biking.

jswobe said...

Hmmmm...I wish I had a rope...

Alternate WOD for today (from the main site a few days ago):

For time:
Row 500 meters
20 inch Box jump, 50 reps
Push-ups, 50 reps
Sit-ups, 50 reps
Jumping pull-ups, 50 reps
Back extension, 50 reps
Dips, 50 reps
1.5 pood Turkish Get-up, 20 reps (alternating arms)

** I stopped at 12 TGU's b/c I was running out of time, but I probably should have cut the TGU weight to about 35-lbs

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Mickey said...

Took my buddy Andrew and a few plebes to do the wod for commander's time today.

Finished the 4th round right at 11 minutes so the 1 minute rest took us right up to the end. Good workout.

Too crowded though in the afternoon. Had to pause the clock twice to wait for sandhurst teams to get out of the way.

Adam said...

Mickey, that's awesome you took some plebes in for the WOD! We missed you this morning, but glad you had a chance to make it up and bring some friends.
Nice work!

jswobe - crazy WOD man! nice!!