Friday, 4 November

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then we will head to the basketball courts for the WOD:

Shuttle Run WOD

7 rounds for time 
Round =  Baseline - Free throw - 3 point arc - half court
Rest 1 minute between each round

Cash out/bonus round: 100 double-unders for time!

Post time for each event to comments.


Mickey said...

10:59 for the sprints and 400 single unders.

Did the sprints in 7:44. Kept a consistent split of about 15 seconds.

New balance minimus trail shoes however are not so good for wooden floor sprints.

Adam said...

I erased my overall time for the sprints (jswobe: we added 3 x full court touch and go's w/ a minute rest beween), but my splits were right at 15 secs per.

As for 100 D/U: 1:23
I hit 66 unbroken, rested a bit and then did 34 unbroken.

jswobe said...

@Adam -- thanks for the update. Just to be clear: 7 shuttle runs per the original post, plus 3 full court touch and go's (1 minute rest between each shuttle and each full court); all for time.

BTW - I'm coming to WP this weekend. I should be up sometime this evening. I'm going to try and get to Arvin for some PT on Saturday. Is Hayes open? Can I climb the ropes there, or even do the IOCT?

Adam said...

jswobe - yes to all - 7 + 3 with a minute rest between each

Arvin is open on the weekends, I believe it opens at 0900. Not sure if the entire IOCT will be set up (low crawl, pommel horse things, etc.), but the big pieces are obviously there (ropes, shelf, etc.).

How long are you staying?

JC said...

The gym wall clock mysteriously stopped while doing the WOD. Shuttle times were close to Adam's.

I didn't keep time on DU's: 48 unbroken, and then sets of 5ish or 10ish.

jswobe said...

shuttle runs: 11:31

double unders: 1:25

So I am a sandbagging shammer. My shuttle run splits were 18 seconds and 20 seconds for the full courts. But my last full court only took 11 seconds. I thought I read my watch wrong, so I did another one. 11 seconds.

It would seem I was sandbagging...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

jswobe said...

@Adam -- check your FB account. I'm sending my number. Call me...

Adam said...

jswobe, keep in mind that your basketball court might be slightly different size than the one we used.

I will shoot you a text this weekend.