Wednesday, 23 November

CrossFit Assignment - over Thanksgiving, take a photo of yourself doing something related to CrossFit.  It can be humorous, serious, creative, etc.  and email picture(s) to  I will upload all pictures and captions (if provided) on Sunday night. 

Because of compressed schedules, etc., there will be no morning crew.  Booo!  That being said, get in the gym when you can and knock it out before you head out for Turkey Day.

9 x bench press (body weight)
11 x GHD sit-ups or regular sit-ups with 20 lbs. medicine ball
Run Stairway to Heaven (sub is run 400 meters and do 10 x box jumps)

Post number of rounds to comments.

1 comment:

Adam said...

4 rounds + 7 reps on bench press (as rx'd with BW of 185)

I was surprised that it was the bench press that was my limiting factor. The last two sets I had to break up into mini-sets and it really slowed me down. I was surprised how heavy 185 felt! Also, I didn't have a spotter, so I played it safe and didn't try to push myself to muscle failure with the bench!