Tuesday, 8 November

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Great effort by the Black and Gold CrossFit team in their throw down with Air Force!  Despite a solid effort by all, the Zoomies edged us out on some skill stuff (double-unders, muscle-ups, etc.) and claimed the victory.  Air Force now leads the series 2-1, but next year we will host the event and even the score!  Great work by the team and thanks for representing B&G and WP at USAFA. 

For today's WOD, we will do an AMRAP 5, rest for 5 minutes, and repeat the AMRAP 5.

 5 x ring rows
 7 x ring dips
 9 x overhead squats w/ PVC pipe
 15 x double-unders (1:3 sub for single-unders = 45 s/u)


Repeat the AMRAP 5 as above.

Post number of rounds complete for each AMRAP to comments.


njc said...

(sub single for DU)
1: 4 rds + RR + RD + 10 single unders
2: 4 rds + RR + RD + 1 single under

Quite enjoyable.

Pics from Black&Blue to follow when I get time.

Mickey said...

1: 4 rounds + RR, RD, OHS, 12 SU
2: 4 rounds + RR, RD, 6 OHS

That was a good one. Had to use my foot for the dips towards the end though.

Adam said...

as rx'd:

1: 4 rounds + 3 RR
2: 3 rounds + 8 D/Us (couldn't quite finish round 4!)

All D/Us were unbroken, but the ring dips smoked me!

Nice work by the early crew, good to see a solid showing this morning!

jck said...

8 rds even. Great workout

jswobe said...

(posting a day late)

1: 4 rounds + 10 double unders
2: 4 rounds + 1 double under

Double unders were not working...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD