Wednesday, 30 November

3 rounds for max reps of: 
1 min x Squat Cleans (95/65)
1 min x Double-unders
1 min x SDHP (95/65)
1 min x Burpees
1 min x Push press (95/65)
1 min x REST

NOTE:  This WOD is similar in format to Fight Gone Bad - constantly running clock, so the faster you can transition between exercises, the more reps you will complete.

Post total number of reps to comments.


Adam said...

oh my, that was hard!

As RX'd - 104+85+81 = 270

The double unders saved me, as I hit 63, 50-something, and 51 each round.

I love SDHP at 95# because it absolutely punishes bad form, which I have! Good reminder I need to improve a lot!

njc said...

Scaled to 65# and single unders.

210 total... but who knows how accurate that count is. Smoked!

Mickey said...

scaled the double unders to singles 3 for 1.

214 reps total.

Push press really killed me. probably could have taken a few pounds off that.

Patrick said...


scaled down to 65# and single unders 3 for 1.

197 total. would of liked to hit 200.

Matt said...


As Rx'd. That was a smoker. I kept tripping up on double-unders. They could have made me, but they broke me.

Total: 258


jswobe said...

Aughhh! This is exactly the kind of WOD I love. Dammit!

Just did some work on the bench press instead. That's it...nothing else...


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD