Tuesday, 29 November

Erin (Erin M) rocking the Black and Gold t-shirt while practicing rugby!

Erin in the scrum!

Partner WOD - bring a friend!

3 rounds for time:
Person A - run Gym Loop
Person B - Burpee Pull-ups (as many reps as possible while partner is gone)
switch roles

NOTE:  In total, each person will run 3 gym loops and complete 3 sets of burpee pull-ups

Total score = total burpee pull-ups complete/time (converted to seconds)

Post partner's name and score to comments.


njc said...

jared and I:
665/77 = 8.64

way harder than I thought.

Adam said...

Great to see a big crew there this morning! That was a 'fun' one!

Matt and I did 83.5 burpee pull-ups in 11:42 (702 seconds), that works out to .1189 for our score.

We did the burpee pull-ups as rx'd with the middle bar, which is about 1 foot over our reach. It was tough!

Matt said...


Great WOD, Adam. We didn't do too bad for a couple of old guys. Especially since we used a higher bar than everyone else.

NJC and Jared by got you beat, barely. 77/665 = .1158
Good job.

Adam said...

go 'old man strength!'

njc said...

oops, should have checked my calculation before double-underlining.

If it counts for anything, i chipped a tooth (or two) on the bar during a pull-up. I think that's worth a few more points...

jswobe said...

No partner, so I made it:

3 RFT:
1000m bike
burpee pull-ups (for time equal to 1000m on the bike)

11:38 and 39 reps

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

njc - the tooth-to-bar pull-ups are supposed to me NEXT week!!!

hopefully your teeth are okay, never heard of that injury before!

jswobe - I thought you went AWOL! Glad you are back in the saddle.

jswobe said...

I am never AWOL. If I don't post, it's because I am hiding my results (such as yesterday...).

My back is hurting me. I am learning a hard lesson: if you hurt yourself, LET IT HEAL. I tried to push through it and keep working it and now it really hurts. So, b/c of my bad decision it is taking me longer to heal.

As I say: a hard lesson to match my hard head...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Mickey said...

Did the wod today w/ my roommate Steve during commander's time.

total of 100 burpee pullups in 11:21 (681 sec)

Score: 100/681 = .147 (sig figs count?)

Pauly D said...

I rocked that one with Vinny & Ronnie. We won, for sure. GTL.

Adam said...

Mickey - nice work and great use of commander's time...what else is there to do during that time?!? I'm not sure what the standard for sig figs are, so you get at least partial credit for showing your work.

jswobe - rest as needed man! I know it is tough to do (hence the past 2 weeks of me taking it easy after breaking myself with WOD 4 Warriors on Vet's Day). glad to know you didn't get overrun by the commies at APG or anything.