Thursday, 24 November

CrossFit Assignment - over Thanksgiving, take a photo of yourself doing something related to CrossFit.  It can be humorous, serious, creative, etc.  and email picture(s) to  I will upload all pictures and captions (if provided) on Sunday night. 

Turkey Day WOD:
Prior to the food feast and football games, get outside and break a sweat!  Walk, run, ride, rope, swim, wrestle, play football, basketball, whatever it is, get outside and do SOMETHING that does not involve eating. 

Post activity to comments.


Adam said...

Ran for 35 minutes with my dog this morning. Beautiful day at West Point.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mickey said...

did a wod that i saw on the website before i joined the crew.

200 pushups for time w/ 10 air squats when resting.

then i did 25 strict pull ups for time and 25 knees to elbows.

i forgot to start my watch before i started though. good workout anways.

Adam said...

Mickey, nice work! Even without a time, it's great that you got after it!

ErinM said...

Thanksgiving ~11k: about 52min

Then, rugby! Learned how to tackle.

njc said...

Got to dust off the VFFs and ran in the 64th Annual Troy, NY Turkey Trot.

my chip time was 23:13, but I was stuck in the back and was jogging for a few minutes until the pack spread out.

503rd place out of 4950 finishers

and it tasted remarkably like Budweiser from Wednesday night!

njc said... was a 5k, to clarify.