Monday, 21 November

Start off with an AMRAP 3 - STRICT pull-ups


3 rounds for max time:
Handstand hold for max time
Overhead squat hold (in the down position w/ a PVC pipe) for max time
Ring dip hold for max time
Rest 1 minute

NOTE:  This is a rare WOD in which a greater amount of time is better.
NOTE2:  Minimize transition time between events for max intensity.

Post number of pull-ups and total time


Mickey said...

28 strict pullups + a few almost there pullups

13 minutes total for the second half. I forgot to take the minute rest after each round now that I think about it, but it's okay because of the time I had to wait for the rings.

really hard to breathe for me while holding the hspu

Adam said...

Like Mickey I did 28 strict pull-ups. I tried to be strategic and do 10 and then rest for a bit, but once I did that, I quickly felt the strength fading. I should I have done more sets of fewer reps or just gone for max reps the first set and then go from there.

I did 13:49 for the hold portion with a minute of rest included. Handstand holds were around 1:10 - 1:20 each time, OHS was around 1:30 - 1:45, and rings were miserable - about :30 - :45 each time.

jswobe said...

To be clear - the ring dip hold is in the "up" position, true?

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe - yep, arms locked out. It begins to get hard, very fast!

Have fun.

jswobe said...

29 pull-ups

9:15 for part 2

1. I only ran the timer while I was in position, not lackadaisically transitioning between exercises or the rest period.
2. The HSPU and ring dip were good; the OHS was...strange. I wasn't sure where to hold it in the "down" position. Hover at the medicine ball height, sit ass-to-grass, maybe in between somewhere?? I ended up stopping my OHS mostly b/c I was uncomfortable, not fatigued.

The OHS piece not withstanding, interesting WOD...good variety and change up...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


41 pull-ups.

I got the about the same time as Adam on part 2.

ErinM said...

8 wimpy pull-ups. Working on it.

12:45 ish
71-60-65 Handstand hold
120-90-80 OHS hold
25-25-25 ring dip hold