Thursday, 1 December

Thursday morning, the CrossFit team is holding try-outs for the competition against Navy.  If you are interested in trying out, be in the '62 Room at 0530 and link-up with Mike or Justin.

If you are not trying out, the WOD is:    

250 sit-ups (APFT standard - feet anchored)
every time you stop, knock out 15 push-ups

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

Great work by the competitors trying out this morning!

I did the WOD afterwards - 11:01

I did 75-50-25x5, so a total of 90 push-ups.

It was tougher than I thought, I was on pace to be around 8:00 and then I slowed down a lot.

Matt said...


Great job this morning during the try-out. A lot of work got done.

I did today's WOD after the try-outs: 1102

I did 100-50-50-25-25 and 60 push-ups.

Adam said...

a statistical dead heat! Interesting how the different rep schemes landed us at about the same place. Nice work Matt.

jswobe said...

I benched yesterday, so I subbed squats for the push-ups (15 reps per stop).


75 squats

I didn't keep track of my breakdown...just the total reps.

11 minutes seems to be the magic number...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Mickey said...

had to take my hands away from my head at about 200. did sets of 50 and then 25's.

finished at 11:14

didn't get a total on pushups