CrossFit Friday - 11/20/09

Meet in the '62 room for some Friday morning fun.

5 rounds of:
5 x Burpees
15 x Pull ups
30 x Squats
300m Sprint

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Vanilla Gorilla said...

Nice WOD and great way to start the weekend

MikeRothen said...

I really dislike pull-ups, but thanks to MAJ Mayo pushing me along.

Been a long week, im looking forward to the rest.

JWhips said...

13:28 - subbed 6xRing Pull-ups for the 15x regular. The kipping is what bothers the shoulder so I'm staying away from it.

Great way to end the week!!!

NM said... group this morning...thanks for coming out.

LDO said...


not sure how long my run route was, but it was +/- 50 meters from the 300m as presribed.

(I certainly wasn't at my best this morning.)

Tex said...

Did Thursday's WOD this AM


155# DL

Sodak said...

15:26 I loved it! Thanks MM for giving me a headstart and pushin me once you caught up.