Thursday 11/5/09

For Weight:

5 x 5 x 5 of Push Press

Post weight to comments


AJ said...

105, 115, 125

MikeRothen said...

125, 135, 145x3
Failed on the last two 145. But i think i reached a good limit. Havnt lifted that much overhead before.

Jason said...

Still resting my shoulder so I worked on back squat today. Really tired to work on my form and depth.
5x225 (This is where my form broke down)
10x135 really focused on form here.

Good luck to those going to Air Force this weekend.

Anonymous said...

135, 155, 185, 195(f).
Felt like some core work after, so 21-15-9 KB swings and GHD sittups.

SB said...

95, 135, 155(x3),145(x4)

Jake said...

95, 135, 145x4
I failed twice on #5 and then did it again seperately to get the weight up.

After the PP I did max rep pull-ups: 33(PR)

CM said...

105, 135, 145x4
then did 145x1

Followed by max rep PU: 23

NM said...

95, 115, 135

Jimmy said...

105 x 3 rounds.
Used 2 x 52.5lb dumb bells.
did shoulder (vs. Push) press.