Thursday 11/19/09

3 rounds for time:

50 x Squats
25 x Pull ups
20 x Body weight dead lift

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MikeRothen said...

175# deadlift
jumping pull-ups

JWhips said...

175# DL and subbed 25xDUs for pull ups

squats + dead lifts = rough morning on the legs :)

Vanilla Gorilla said...

12:52 as rx'd
155# DL

What a smoker...I loved it!

SB said...

23:36 as rx'd (BW=165)
did a tabata workout that included squats yesterday and now legs are smoked.

Gregg said...

18 min. I got lapped by vanilla gorilla.

Jon said...

Not sure what my time was, but I know I need to work on deadlift form at high reps, and kipping motion. Shout out to NM and Gregg for the motivation.

LDO said...

23:06 as required.
BW 158, deadlift w/ 160.

Was able to move fairly quickly through the first round.
Someone apparently jumped on my back on the second and third rounds.

Jake said...

15:50 as Rx'd
185# DL
Ouch. I had a hard time making it down the stairs to get back to my office!

NM said...

10:29 as rx'd
175# DL

Form was pretty rough as I got more fatigued...need to focus on the good, lumbar curve throughout. Jon, great to have you out there this AM...see you all tomorrow for CF Friday.

Chris said...

15:29. 185# DL. Started pullups sets kipping and subbed jumping pullups when that stopped working in lieu of taking breaks.

Stroh's Lite said...

20:19 W/ 225lb DL's (about 200lb BW + 10%) what a mistake...This one was brutal. MWR gym almost met Mr Pukie.

Did a APFT yesterday in vibram five fingers (legs and feet felt fantastic the whole way)

2mile- 12:48

ZERO prep other than CrossFit and occasional trail runs + sport cycling!!

Thanks B&G programmers...

westpointlefty said...


Tex said...


Mary: 20min AMRAP of

10 pistols (used hand on wall to balance)
15 pull-ups

9 rounds - 10 pull-ups

~3 mile run at ~7min pace