Wednesday 11/25/09

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

2 x Shoulder press (65/45)
4 x Push press (65/45)
6 x Push jerk (65/45)
8 x Box jump (24" / 20")
10 x Kettle bell swing (53/35)

Post rounds to comments.


SB said...
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SB said...

9 rnds
Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Think about those getting after it on the frontier of freedom right now.
BTHO Texas!

Mark R said...

7 rounds - had nothing in the tank. I am thankful for my health and that I have the ability to abuse my body everyday.

JWM said...

8 rounds (I think)

Pretty empty this morning as well. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

MikeRothen said...

7 Rounds plus the overhead presses and one box jump.

Felt good...until the 2nd round

Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

12 rounds...liked this one a lot. Another wheelhouse workout. I'm loving the JWhip programming.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...

Happy Thanksgiving all. Don't forget to workout while you are off. I'm sure we are going to have some love on Monday.

JWhips said...

16 rounds, scaled
25lb DB for the presses
25lb(?) KB for the swings

Everything was done with my right arm only. Talk about a way to destroy your forearm.

Another way to wreck your forearms is DUs. Did some for my warm-up. Got to 69 in a row (PR). Trying for 100 some day.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. You'll be able to do the next 2 WODs anywhere so no excuse. I'll see you all Monday morning.
Be thankful that you found CrossFit :)

Sodak said...

12 rounds

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful for the officers who make me feel guilty if I do not come in and work out. Yes... I am talking about you. Thanks. Have a relaxing weekend!

Dubbs said...

11 rounds

Jimmy said...

Can't wait to do this one with my new 5-finger KSOs!

Anonymous said...

12 rounds. Nice wod. Shoulders burnt.

Tex said...

No weights at home, so

3 rounds
14 Tuck-jumps
21 doubleunders
28 situps
35 squats


Jimmy said...

10 rds. + 2+4+6.
-used 30#DBs
-Used 55# DB for KB swings.
-First WOD using 5-fingers! Feet feel good.

NM said...

12 rounds...loved this one.