Saturday 11/21/09 - Sunday 11/22/09

Rest Days.

BEAT North Texas!!!


Anonymous said...

Did the WOD from Thur - 3rds - 50x squats, 25x PUs, 20x 205lb DLs - 12:28. That's the way to start a weekend.
Looking forward to some Army Rugby this afternoon...Beat Navy!

Gregg said...

100 Burpees in front of the sunrise in Uganda

Gregg said...

Hopped on the back of a motorcycle and went and ran in the Kampala 10k. Don't have a time, but the 10k felt rough.

Tex said...


For Time

5k (first 1/4 mile and last mile uphill)

21 pull-ups
95 sit-ups
72 push-ups

All sets were unbroken


5k time was the same: 19:24, but overall time improved by 1:36

Stroh's Lite said...

For Time: 15:25

5 X Double under
21 X 20lb Med Wall Ball
5 X Double under
21 X 53lb KB Swing
5 X Double under
21 X Off Set Push ups (one hand forward of collar bone, one hand below sternum switching every 3 reps)

10X DU's between same exercises 15 X Reps each

15X DU's between same exercises 9 Reps each

A great high intensity WOD, with a special gift of catching the Med Ball in the face once!!