CrossFit Friday 11/13/09

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

5 x Ring dip (10 x Straight bar dip)
15 x 24" Box jump
1 rope climb
Run 1 1/2 laps around Hayes track

Post number of rounds to comments.

Beat VMI!


AJ said...

8 rounds.

*Note to self, you can't hide from the CF trainers. MAJ Mayo caught me sandbagging the first run.

Gregg said...

6 rds

SB said...

7 rnds (did 10x dips on bars)
good wod!


Jake said...

6 Rounds + Dips and 10 Box Jumps

Great WOD Tony Nash. I love the rope climbing.

Jason said...

9 rounds

I did 10xPushUps in place of ring dips and used the cargo net in place of the rope.

Good WOD Tony. Nice way to end the week.

Chris said...

7 rounds. Went to cargo net after round 4. Need to work on rope technique

Vanilla Gorilla said...

7 rounds Dips, Bow Jumps, Rope and 1/2 lap around the track.

Great work by the group this morning.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

7 rounds and some change...good workout T-Nash!

C V said...

Former Army XC guy and `09 B&G'er is up on the CF Endurance site. Check him out at Wednesday's post, .

Jimmy said...

7 rounds. modified box jumps with 100xjump rope. Run was approx equal to about one lap.

Tex said...

Did Tuesday's WOD as rx'd


155lbs became a huge struggle after the first two sets.