Thursday 11/26/09


Recommendation is to complete this WOD prior to eating today :)

3 rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
50 x Squats

Post time to comments.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Not sure if it was 400m or not but there was a hill which was cool.

8:11 as Rx'd.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Chris said...

8:58. The run back to new brick from shea was less fun.

MikeRothen said...

I used to get the exact meters, its a useful site.

bring on the turkey

JWhips said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

8:14 down at Shea.

I'm glad that I did this before I ate. It would not have been pretty otherwise.

Anyone want to meet at Arvin tomorrow?

Jimmy said...

13.21. Did 25 burpess instead of 50 squats

LDO said...

In anticipation of Thanksgiving gorging, Idid the "300 workout" as follows:
25 pullups
50 deadlifts w/ 135#
50 pushups
50 box jumps
50 knees to elbows (subbed this instead of floor wipers)
50 clean and press w/ 35# kb
25 pull ups

Time: 30:30

NM said...

7:39 down in Gillis...

Hope you all had a great one.

Tex said...


My first set I subbed 12x 80lb sandbag cleans, the second set I got through 5 then the ziptie broke, so I did 35 squats, then the final set was as rx'd. The run was 430m.