Tuesday 11/3/09

For time.

Every 3 minutes run 150m then AMRAP 20" Burpee Box Jumps
Continue this until you reach 50 Burpee Box Jumps


Run 1 mile.

Post time to comments.

To summarize...at 3, 2, 1, Go! you will run the east/west hallway from the '62 room and back. Once back in the '62 room you will do as many burpee box jumps as you can until the 3 minute mark. At that time, you will run the hallway again come back and do as many burpee box jumps as you can until the 6 minute mark, etc...you will continue this until you get 50 burpee box jumps. Once you hit that magical number, exit Arvin and run to Kosciuszko's monument and back. Time stops when you re-enter the '62 room.


Jake said...

14:19 as Rx'd

Dubbs said...


Vanilla Gorilla said...


Jason said...

This one hurt today. I finished well with the Burpee Box Jumps, but the run ate my lunch.


CM said...

16:29 as Rx'd

I wasn't feeling it on the run!
Good WOD.

Anonymous said...

13:15. Legs were jello on the run, so worked on max height box jumps afterwards. Good times with the after-formation crew.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

12:32...good push by the other MAJ Blackmon and Vanilla.

On a programming note, this is one of those made up workouts that I came up with just from looking around at what other boxes are doing. I wasn't sure how it would work but my goal was to keep it under 20 minutes which for the most part it looks like we did. If you like this workout, cool. I liked it and I will probably put it away in the kit bag for future use. This is one of those that you can do with a big group. You don't have to use the box jumps, you can just do burpees. If you want to make it even better, do burpee pull ups. Really you can do any exercise as part of this, your imagination is your only limiting factor, just keep it functional.

When programming you need to go into the workout with an idea of what stimulous you are going after. In this one, I knew I wanted to have some sort of running, some exercise required a significant amount of muscles to be used in an explosive nature, and I wanted to keep in around the 15 minute or shorter mark. With that as my guide, I started looking. I found a similar type of AMRAP on another CF website and liked the idea. Their's was focused on moving weight and heavy (155lb) squat clean and jerks for 30 reps. Great workout, but we just did thrusters yesterday so it wasn't going to work for us. So I kept the idea and massaged it to fit what we needed today.

Just wanted to give you all some insight on how I come up with the workouts and hopefully, you can take something away from it. I am by no means the top of the line programmer out there but good or bad you can learn something from my thought process.

Mr. BS said...

12:28 -- started at the 2nd, 3 minute time group. Reckon I did my math right.

Smoker for sure

NM said...

Zach March was in the zone this AM! Great work...

Jimmy said...

Rough after last night's practice but body can move much better now that I am done. that was rough.

xfit has really helped with my conditioning for practices and also maintaining a good fighting weight. Now I don't have to suck 7lbs. before tournaments. I used to weigh 206 when doing my old upper/body lower body workouts. Now I am consistently maintaining 196/7 lbs which is perfect b/c i fight at 199.9 weight class. Although I am slower on my WODs than most others, my conditioning is second to none compared to before and it continues to reflect when training with cadets in practices.
Great WOD today, Mr. Horribles!
avg hr: 167
peak: 186 (187 is my tested max hr)

MikeRothen said...


Stroh's Lite said...

14:16 as Rx'd

Tex said...

11:02 w/24" burpee box jumps