Wednesday 11/11/09

Veterans Day.

Today in honor of Veterans day I am going to let you guys pick you own Hero WOD. Pick your favorite, pick one you've never done but whatever you do give it your everything.

Here's your list of the Hero WODs.

I will be at Shea Stadium at 0800 and will put together a Hero montage workout.
Post workout and results to comments.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Did a little Hero mash up. Some Griff, Josh, JT, Murph all put together for a fun bit of pain with Gregg Starr.

Here was the workout.

Run 800m
Run 400m backwards

21-15-9 reps of:
Ring Dips
Push ups
Sit ups

and 42-30-18 reps of:

Run 800m
Run 400m backwards

Time 19:24

Enjoyed this one, in that my lungs were burning and every muscle in my body was screaming at me sort of way.

Gregg said...
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Gregg said...

21:29, thanks to MAJ Horribles my body will now be screaming at me the rest of the day. Thank you to all the veterans and those who have paved the way for us who are about to be out there.

Jason said...

I decided on 'Jason' for today. I figured it would stress my shoulder and invite some pain into my day.
Anyway, here it is for those that don't know:
time: 20:46
The squats burned and the MUs hurt. I reached failure on rep 11 of the 15 and had to scale from there on. Did the last MU legit though.

Thanks for those who have served, are serving, and soon will be. Our country would not be what it is without you.

Anonymous said...

Did "Daniel" today.

50 pullups
400m run
21 thrusters (95#)
800m run
21 thrusters (95#)
400m run
50 pullups

Tough. Time was 21:30. Brutal.

Jimmy said...

26.45. did Monday's WOD using DBs. Started with 52.5# DBs and had to drop to 45# dbs.
-legs were roasted due to sciatic nerve rehab. felt good to do a work out again.

Tex said...

Decided to try what B&G CF and Gregg made sound so much fun.

As rx'd: 19:59

I got to enjoy the beautiful day here in C-Springs climbing in the Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. Endless thanks to all of those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy days like these in places where we don't have to fear for our lives or live in worry that we will not have the bare necessities.