CrossFit Friday 10/2/09

The Combat Fitness Challenge (Beta) developed by 1LT Matt Hoff, USMA '07

For time.

Run 100m
Pick up 2 x 20lb sand bags
Run 400m
Climb over 6 foot wall/barrier
70lb ammo can overhead anyway
High crawl 50m
5 x 20lb sandbag throw at 8ft target
5 x 20lb sandbag throw at 10ft target
5 x 20lb sandbag throw at 8ft target
"Buddy carry" weighted duffel back to the starting point

175 points for completing in 15 minutes. Add 1 point for every 5 seconds faster and subtract 1 point for every 5 seconds slower.

Post score and effectiveness as a measurement of fitness to comments.


Paul Mary said...

where are the sandbags located?

Joseph said...

Just under 10 mins

which puts me at about 235

I thought it was a good overall test for soldiers and the physical fitness that they will need. I might add in a few more 100 meter sprints dispersed througout to work on the cardio.

NM said...

No idea what my time/score was, but this was a good one...lookout, though...MAJ Bookout has some ideas to make this even more fun/painful next time.

Thanks to MAJ Bookout for putting this together. Hopefully it gave you some ideas for PT once you get out there as a PL. As you can see, an event like today has far more carry-over to combat than running 3 miles and doing PU/SU improvement every day...and your Soldiers will enjoy it because of that direct correlation.

Have a great weekend!

Tex said...

0600: Ran the Incline with MAJ Hoyman
28:48 (:17 improvement from a week ago)

1700: Plyometric Tabata @ Pike's Peak CF

Lunge Jumps
Box Jumps
Jumping Pull-ups


(There was a 1 minute rest between exercises)

SB said...

7:10 awesome test