Tuesday 10/6/09

Warm up with the Bergener warm up prior doing this workout. Click here for demo.


10 x 95lb Drop snatch


Full Squat Snatch

1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1

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Dubbs said...


PR by 10 LBs...thanks for the coaching J and DB.

Jason said...


Big problems dropping into the squat at higher weights. The failures at 135 were from trying to catch it low. Finally got it on the last try. I power snatched the 145.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

155 (tied PR)
160(f) etc...for about 15 reps. Got it overhead a couple of times but couldn't steady it to stand. Just need some good quality coaching and I think I could add 10-15 pounds to this lift.

Thanks Gregg for the tips...it made 155 go up a lot easier.

Gregg said...

95,135,135,145,155,165,175(PR), thanks Maj. Blackmon for watching my form.

SB said...

used 85lbs for 10xdrop snatch
need to work on getting under 115 along with my balance.

LDO said...

Worked up to 115 from the ground, full squat.

Worked on form with the repeated use of the warmup, drop snatch, and full snatch w/ just the bar.

I worked form from the hang/ then worked up to snatch from the ground in one motion.

OHS is my biggest limitation to this movement.

NM said...

Big developmental day for me...spent the whole time working on form with little weight...which is what I needed. Thanks to Mark, Scott, and others for some good coaching.

Anonymous said...

Worked up to 115, with a lot of light weight technique work intermingled. As any weight was added I had increasing difficulty pushing down into the full squat, instead I was easing down into it. Plenty of work to be done...

Mark R said...

Got up to 115, went for 125 and the back went. Sweet!

Awesome numbers by Gregg! 175 is legit!