CrossFit Friday 10/23/09

For time.

Tuck jumps x 25
Run stairs (To forth floor, back to basement, then to Hayes)
Indiana Jones rope climbs (2 x 20 foot climbs)
Climbers, mountain
Knees to elbows x 25

Over the shoulder carry (Carry partner down halway switch and come back)
Run stairs (Run to 4th floor, down to basement then back to 4th floor gym)

Team side steps (down and back the length of the basketball court)
Run 1 x suicide
Equalizers (We'll explain this in the morning)
Abs of steel (25 x Sit ups)
Team side steps

Post time to comments.


SB said...

Did river to stony run
time: 17:10 (PR by a whopping 1:11 since the last time i ran this back in Sep08). Yet another example of what the crossfit training protocol will do for you. I believe the difference from last time was my lower body work capacity gained from our cleans, DLs, squats, stairway to heavens, etc...and not running long distance. ok...i am off my soap box.
Everyone attending the Cert this weekend, enjoy will be some of the best training you ever get....
and oh yea....BEAT Rutgers!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

19:00...ran with Ziggy. Now we just neet the rest of C3 to get up and get moving in the morning.

Beat Rutgers

Chewy said...


good intense, quick workout

Anonymous said...

RNG prep for this weekend took up time, so knocked out a WOD from the main site:
5 rds, 10x 135lb hang squat cleans and 30x pushups.