Wednesday 10/7/09

Pull ups with a kicker

For time.

100 x Pull up

Here is the kicker...every time you drop off/let go of the bar you will do:

10 x Push up
25 x Squat
Run the stairway to heaven.

Complete this sequence until you get to 100 pull ups.

Post time and number of rounds to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...


5 rounds of 20

Gregg said...

23:33, had some THS today, needed to suck it up, 24 1st rnd, 13 average after that.

Jason said...


35(PR), 20, 20, 15, 10

I really wanted to get this in 4 rounds, but I couldn't hang on past the 15.

On a big positive note, I finally got 50 Double Unders in a row.

SB said...

neal, thanks for the count. I will get 50.

Anonymous said...

23:50 with 51 pull-ups.
Just couldnt hold on to the bar anymore, gotta work on my grip strength. I ended up doing sets of 4/5 pullups at the end and about the umteenth time i did the stairway to heaven i called it a day. I will get it next time.

LDO said...


Sets of 25, 15,15,15,15, 15

Subbed 30 box jumps for the stairway run. Box jumps by the third set were tough.... and a great motivator to keep on knocking out sets of 15.

NM said...

41, 31, 25, 3

Great group this AM...see you tomorrow.

Jake said...



The stairway destroyed me today!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...


41, 21, 20, 18

Couldn't feel my hands for about 30 minutes afterward. Forearms felt like someone was beating them with a hammer. I loved it.

See you tomorrow.

Here is some food for thought from Dutch Lowy about over training and ripped calluses. I hope you all taped up today.

AJ said...


20, 17, 9, 15, 15, 14, 10

Tex said...

13:23 with the kicker after the last set of pull-ups

43, 16, 21, 20

subbed 25 box jumps and ~50m run for the stairway to heaven

Sodak said...



Yeah I had to run a few times...

JJ said...

10:09 as RX'd
Thinking about trying 50,30,20 when we do this again...