CrossFit Friday 10/16/09

A little play on a workout from Brass Ring Fitness (

Full Mission Profile


Recent human intelligence and satellite reports confirm that a high level
Taliban leader is hiding in a small mountainous village in a rugged area of
Afghanistan. This individual is one of NATO's top 10 highest priority
targets and is not expected to stay in the same place for very long.
Currently the target and his small group of Taliban fighters are strong
arming the village, recruiting fighters by threatening families that they
will kill wives and children if the men do not join them.


It is essential that your team takes him out before he is able to move to
another location.

Mission Parameters:

Your team will have 30 minutes from the time of insert to extract to
complete the mission. Failure to meet this time-line results in the
compromising of your team and the endangerment of the villagers.



10 x stairway to heaven (start in basement)

Actions on Objective:

1 x IOCT as rx'd (exit south doors on track)

25m burpee long jumps (length of 3rd floor hallway)

25m bear crawl (hallway back to stairs)


10 x stairway to heaven (start at the 4th floor)


To help manage your time, assume you have a max time of 10 minutes for each

Good luck. The people of the village are counting on you!


SB said...

38:30 as rx'd

ok...that infil/exfil kicked my ass
Beat Temple!

Anonymous said...

Knocked out a "nasty girls" from yesterday - 13:30. Lots of time spent starting sadly at the rings, and less than half of my MUs were from the hang. TGIF.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

35:21 for the complete workout with a few setbacks trying to get in doors and such. Awful feeling in my legs now. I don't think I will be able to climb stairs again for a few days. Have a great weekend.

Sam said...

So...I found out recently that if I do the WOD over lunch I can save a whole bunch of gas.

Yesterday's main site WOD:

5 RFT:
15x135# hang squat clean

16:20=VERY OUCH.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Sam--Or you can bring your clothes with you and change in your office. Then you will use the same amount of gas AND get to workout with our group. I'm just sayin'

Sam said...

BlackandGold--I know that my job here in ODIA is pretty time intensive...but I don't know if I need the extra two and half hours between 6:30 and 9 to get all that extra stuff done.

(Insert sarcasm in first sentence)

Jimmy said...

did the main xfit site WOD today. My lower back is still whining from Diane earlier this week (to the point of where I am walking around like am 80 years old). Thus the 21 to 3 Hip/back extensions + 400 meter run was a good fit for today.

Tex said...

For time at 7200ft elevation:

Run 5k
21 strict pull-ups
95 sit-ups (feet held)
72 push-ups

No breaking sets, standard APFT rest rules apply to push-ups and sit-ups

5k: 19:24
Total Time: 28:34