Tuesday 10/27/09

This was the trainer workout on Saturday at the Level 1.

For time.

3 rounds of:

4 x Handstand push up
8 x Chest to bar pull up
12 x Body weight dead lift
16 x 20" Box jump

Post time to comments.


Paul Mary said...
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Paul Mary said...

Monday's WOD

around 9 minutes rx'd

Jake said...
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Mark R said...

BW = 195#
DL = 135# (70%)
HSPU's were negatives w/o bands

MikeRothen said...

175# deadlift
Handstand push-ups with bands
Had a hard time getting chest to bar for all the reps.
But a good smoker

SB said...

9:48 as rx'd
good wod!

AJ said...


DL at 155 lb
HSPU w/ bands

Mac said...

5:34. 205lb DL, all as RX'd. Really enjoyed this one...keep it in the rotation!

Jake said...

9:10 as Rx'd
BW: 180
DL: 185

First time doing all HSPUs for a WOD as Rx'd. Legs really smoked by the end of the 2nd set of squats.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Okay all...my bad but as I was doing this WOD I realized that the actual workout was 4 rounds not 3. Which makes sense since all of the exercises are multiples of 4. Anyway, because of my mistake, I punished myself and brought MAJ Mayo along for the ride as well.

4 rounds.
DL 175


Gregg said...

7:27, thanks to MAJ B, MAJ R, and MAJ W, for keeping me honest on deadlift.

Also, thank you to MAJ Whipple for helping me get a handstand for the first time today 3 seconds(PR0

NM said...

Did same as MAJ B.

4 rds...9:23

On TDY for the next couple days so will miss the morning crew...look forward to seeing you for CF Friday.

CM said...

4 Rounds
BW = 195#
HSPUs were band-assisted

MH said...


HSPU w/ bands
DL 135# (85%)

Maj said...

8:06...4 rounds (DL-175)

The Level 1 Cert last weekend was a great experience that I was looking forward to for a long time. I feel more confident as an athlete and in my ability to help others now.

Kings said...

10:14 for 4 rounds

DL: 235

CTB Pull-ups definitely slowed me down.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

4 Rounds


HSPUs with bands


On a side note, I can say enough about the cert. Definitely opened my eyes and I highly recommend going.

Demet-hook said...

7:40 as RX'd

Future Crossfit Games champ...


Stroh's Lite said...

4 rnds 10:41


HSPU's are my huge goat on this one, but I did it sans bands at MWR, sets of 1, four times over
each round.

Used the 24" box

Tex said...

4 rounds: 7:37


Box Jumps 24"

LDO said...

First did 5x5 back squats.
then did three rounds of this WOD... 14 and change.