Thursday 5/27/10

Nasty Girls

For time.

3 rounds of:

50 x Squat
7 x Muscle up
10 x Hang power clean (135lb/95lb)

Post time to comments.

Video Demo Here.

Compare to 10/15/09


.,.. said...

8:28, but I don't want to call it a PR. After missing some MUs on rounds 2 and 3, I opted for jumping MUs. I did 2 each round. Reps 6 and 7 in round 2, and reps 4 and 7 in round 3. The squats and the HPCs went well though.

Great efforts this AM. Of course, NM crushed this WOD. Who would have guessed.

A big welcome to Josh. I hope you keep coming back to join us.

JWhips said...

not sure what happened, but those are my comments above.

Chris said...

11:13. Scaled 120lbs, which is an improvement. Assisted MUs.

Good to see an old 10th CAB/6-6 CAV friend this morning - welcome Josh.

NM said...

7:45. Thanks to JWhips and Chad for the coaching afterwards...need to become more efficient on the hang power cleans and other O-Lifts.

Josh, thanks for coming out...we'll see you tomorrow.

AJ said...

7:23, but i did 7 pullups and 7 dips instead of the muscleups. I need some work on my muscleup form.

Also did the DL from yesterday.
225, 245, 245

Ryan said...

I guess I am still learning what the replacement exercises are. I was under the impression that it was 5pu+5dips=1 MU. So that is what I ended up doing.

11:33 But that was only one round due to getting kicked out of the gym. Why would a gym on a military post close at 1900?!

If I could please get some additional advice on what are replacement exercises, that would be much appreciated.

Mahalo from islands!

Tex said...

11:36 (5 min PR from October)

Finally got a good workout this week. Driving 17 hours alone on Monday really drained me. NM and JWhips, you two never cease to amaze me.

Tex said...

Ryan, the sub is generally 3 pullups and 3 dips per muscle-up. However, B&G encourages you to scale your muscle-ups by lowering the rings and using your toes as an assist. Here is a video from CF Brand X that details some of the scaling options:

KeKoa Crossfit said...

Come on out to KeKoa CrossFit on Schofield and we'll hook you up.