Monday 5/17/10

For Time:
4 Rounds
400m Run
15x Thrusters (135/95)


JWhips said...

A WOD that requires heavy shoulder work. This has to be from Gregg. Should be fun.

Tex said...
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JWhips said...

16:08 with 95lbs

I rank thrusters up there with burpees on the suck meter.

NM is my hero!!!

JWM said...

19:18 with 95 lbs

I am pretty sure thrusters is the biggest of all my many goats!

I was beating NM for about 20 meters (with a 10 meter head start). Amazing performance this morning!

Anonymous said...

14:14, scaled to 115 lbs.

Oh thruster, how much I have not missed you...

SM said...

13:56 @ 115 lbs w/ Arvin Gym Loop

Dear Gregg, why do you hate us?

Thrusters are my new least favorite exercise.

Tex said...

15:03 @ 115lbs and Supt's Loop

Chasing NM the whole time and never quite caught up.

EB said...

AIAD in Phoenix - worked out with CrossFit Southwest today:

5-5-5 at 65%(245#), 75%(305#), and 85%(355#) of conservative max

Annie with GHD situps, 9:12. Abs are going to hurt tomorrow

But it looks like everyone had some fun with the sprints and thrusters as well

NM said...

14:46 scaled to 115#. Thanks for the shout outs, but Tex and the rest were pushin it hard this morning-great work. And looks like Mac takes the cake thusfar today...wicked time.

Yep, I gotta work depth on my thrusters...I think Tex was going down twice as far as I was.