Thursday 5/6/10

You can all blame this one on Gregg Starr.

For time:
100 x hand stand push-ups
30 x GHD sit-ups
(the sit-ups can be done at any time during the WOD)

Post time to Comments.


Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

I'm going to call NM's time right now.

4 hours, 16 minutes and 5 seconds.

Let me know how close I get.

Just kidding...if it was a running/muscle up WOD NM can freely bash me as needed.

Have fun, I can honestly say, I'm glad I'm missing this one.

JWhips said...

Ok, that was a miserable event. I hope I can lift my arms overhead tomorrow.


Congratulations to NM for finishing before we all had to leave. It must have been all of the chalk that made the difference this morning. Or maybe the tape. Anyway, you're still my hero.

Mark R said...

18:45 - all band assisted
Nice challenge for everyone this morning, regardless of ability level.

Gregg said...

19:52...oww, whose idea was that.

Tex said...


Yours Gregg, yours, it was your idea. Despite all the moaning, that was a great WOD. At least it didn't disguise itself by looking easy.

SM said...

22:18 w/ blue bands

That was miserable.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

13:10 w/ bands

JWM said...

Ouch! I got 50 and then switched to the blue/green combo for the last 50. The GHD sit-ups were a nice way to do active rest from the shoulder slaughter.

NM said...

DB, when I first saw the WOD for today, the concept of infinity came to mind, as would take me to infinity to complete 100 HSPUs. While it didn't take quite that long, it sure did feel like it. By the way, you suck...and JWhips does too (hey, the chalk made all the difference in my dominating performance this morning), but that's why I love you are my favorite. Anyways, my time was 21:41...but I scaled (imagine that). Did the first 50 HSPUs on my own and then relied on the 'ol blue-green band combo to bring me home. Without them, I'd still be over there knocking em out...oh yeah, Gregg, kinda like that one time it took you 7 hours to do 30 MUs!! Haha! Sorry, still mad at you for creating this ridiculous're fired...I'll begin programming starting tomorrow...running and MUs every day. OK, I've rambled long the morning crew.

Chris Midberry said...

All band assisted HSPUs.

Probably not the best WOD to come back after being away for a while!

BAMA said...

all band assisted..I guess there's not as much weight as I thought to push up. Should probably use blue on blue next time.