Friday 5/21/10

21 -15 -9 of
hand stand push up
ring dips
50m run

Post time to comments.


AJ said...


JWM said...

Had to go to the blue bands for HSPU and ring dips during the second set. Shoulders are smoked!

JWhips said...


I was surprised to still feel the burn from the DUs on Wednesday. Who knew the DUs would make a difference with HSPUs and ring dips.

Just so people know, the gym still opens at 0530 during the summer.

To the graduating firsties.... the Army is smaller than you think, so hopefully I'll see you out there. Best of luck to you all.

Chris said...

10:12. Whole lotta blue band assistance this morning.

Vanilla Gorilla said...


Major Whipple I will be looking for you. I have a title to reclaim =)

Thank you to anyone who has been part of the morning crew, I owe you more than you know.

Anonymous said...

5:30. The difference between my time and everyone else's makes me wonder if I did this right.

21 HSPUs, 21 ring dips, 50m run
15 HSPUs, 15 ring dips, 50m run
9 HSPUs, 9 ring dips, 50m


JWhips said...

Mac, that is what the rest of us did. The ring dips destroyed me. If you went through them without much of a problem, then I'm sure that you just smoked the rest of us. Great job.

AJ said...

oh, i forgot to mention I did the 15 and 9 set of HSPU with blue bands.

NM said...

12:54 (did 21 HSPU and 5 of the first 15 HSPU on the second round unassisted, but used the blue band combo for the rest). Yep, no excuses from this guy...I pretty much sucked this morning! Gotta figure out the HSPU's killin me!

Firsties, get after it! We'll be praying for you...hope to see you back out in the fight.

Tam said...

I must have done something wrong!!! It was 21, 15 and 9 with 50 meter run at the end of each set....right?

SM said...

11:20 w/ blue bands for HSPU's.

Long day.