Tuesday 5/25/10

Sorry for the late post. It is just a crazy busy time of year. Anyway, here you go...

21-15-9 rep rounds of:

box jump (24"/20")
kettlebell swings (53lb / 35lb)
sumo deadlift high pull (95lb / 65lb)

Post time to comments.


JWhips said...

5:45... this WOD is the 9 of Spades from the Hopper card deck. Just thought I'd let you all know.

NM, just thought I'd let you know that the cadet you invited showed up and you weren't there. Just saying.

Ryan said...

Couple of things to say. First, I mixed up this WOD with the WOD from crossfit.com.

Box jump
95lbs Thrusters
Pull ups

Time: 13:25

Little slow. Time will come with experience I hope.

Also, I have been using crossfitendurance.com to supplement my cardio. The only problem is that they go on a 3 on, 1 off schedule. Is there any chance that B&G will add an endurance aspect to their site?

Last, what is the Hopper deck? That sounds like something that i would like to havve downrange in case i get into an area where internet is limited. Please let me know where I could get one.

Thanks for the inspiration and helpful advice!

Chris said...

At home workout while the munckins take a nap. Weight = 2 x 26lb KB.

Double Under


Kings said...

As RXed. This was tougher than I thought it would be. Finished in 5:59. Good workout.

JWhips said...

Ryan, you can order a hopper deck at www.thehopperdeck.com. It's a way to get your WODs without much thought.

As for the endurance piece, I would just take the day off when CFE says to and not worry that we are 5 days on and they are 3. If you don't like that, then just pick another CFE WOD for the day they say is off. Our cadets run enough on their own that we most likely won't add an endurance piece to our programming. I hope this helps.

NM said...

Sorry to disappoint, JWhips-TDY with the Boss...I'll be back tomorrow AM so that you can destroy me on some DLs...later.

JWM said...

Made this up on the 26th.

6:31 and those SDHP destroyed my grip and will!