Wednesday 5/26/10

(try and keep all 3 sets around 80% - 85% of your 1RM)

then: Tabata double unders
(Tabata sequence: 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for a total of 4 minutes)

Post weight and tabata rounds to comments.

Our founder representing...


JWhips said...

295, 305, 320(PR)... felt good on 3 reps at 320 so I thought I'd go for a new 1RM. Tried 370, but my form broke once I got it off the ground so I dropped it. O'well.

Tabata total: 273 (6 less than I did before) My last round was only 18 instead of 28 or 30. That's where I lost it. O'well. This is an interesting Tabata. It's a good mix of cardio, muscle endurance, and coordination.

It was nice to see everyone this morning.

JWM said...

Started off with yesterday's WOD and then did the deadlifts.
275, 295, 305

Will have to try the the tabata DUs another time.

Fun to be with the crew this morning and will miss you guys the next few days at the CLDT.

NM said...

Like JWM, started with yesterday's WOD...4:59. Thanks for the encouragement...I always do better when you guys yell at me.

225, 275, 315 on the DLs. Should've gone heavier on the first two sets, though form was kinda rough at 315.

227 on the Tabata DUs. Awesome, JWhips...273 is ridonkulous.

Black and Gold CF Ancient said...

Thanks for posting the pic JWhips...seriously! There are other pics out there where I don't look like I was just chewed up and spit out by the CrossFit Gods. I feel obligated to mention that I was wearing a 20lb vest about 5 seconds before this pic was taken, hence the no shirt and confused look in my eyes.

For those who want to start thinking about it, the team competition is a lot of fun and one that I think Black and Gold could have excelled at. Down side is that it is usually close to graduation so you would have to play it by ear.

I tried to represent the first day and wore a West Point shirt even though I was competing with the CF Newport Team. A lot of folks I ran into up there were asking if B&G was fielding a team. I told them to look out for next year.

Miss you guys...hope to get over there and hit a WOD sometime this summer...I'll give you a heads up.


Mark R said...

225, 250, 270
Tabata DU's: only 170. A lot more challenging than I thought!!

AJ said...

did yesterday's WOD. my time was around 8 minutes.

i brought my girlfriend to do the WOD with me. she just doesn't understand what it means to "push" someone.

SM said...

Visited family so I couldn't get to any weights so I did OPT's Flight Simulator.

5 unbroken DU's
Then back down again.

Took me about 28 minutes and I never could get 50, so I just went back down after getting 46 several times.

JWhips said...

Woops.... a little typo there. My tabata was 223 b/c I had 229 last time. Sorry about that. Also, sorry for the late post for tomorrow. Spent the day in NYC and just got back.

DB, vest of no vest, it is a great picture. Keep up the good work.

Ryan said...

225, 295, 315, 315...Felt really strong. First time I have broken the 300lb barrier. I had to go for it again just to be sure it wasn't a fluke. I enjoy these power lifting days.

i can't get the hang of these double unders. I can do maybe 4 or 5 before I mess up. I am going to start practicing them more frequently so I can get better. Looking forward to tomorrow.