Monday, 5/31/2010

Happy Memorial Day! Thanks for your service!!

In honor of those who have served we will do a Hero WOD.

"War Frank"
3 rounds of:
25 Muscle Ups
100 Squats
35 GHD sit ups OR Knees to Elbows

For those that want a change of scenery meet out at Buckner Parade Field at 0700.
Otherwise, Arvin will be open at 0900 Monday morning.

Post time to comments.


Scotty G said...

48:19...substituted the muscle-ups for 50 dips after the first round (shoulder wasn't having it). Did this one for Tim Moshier and Mike Hartwick. Thanks Neil, Mark, J.T., Jackson, and War Frank for a great start to Memorial Day!

Chris said...

Ran 6k. 26:54. 5 seconds faster than last time, but this was the first time that I've run that distance in racing flats.

Mark R said...

44:43 (12:47, 16:06, 15:50)

Absolutely brutal, but simply beautiful morning at Camp Buckner. Thanks to Neal and Scotty for coming out.
Thoughts and prayers out to the family of CW3 Shawn Benjamin and CW3 Gary Farwell.

SM said...


Absolutely terrible.

C V said...

Cool pictures and comparisons of some performance killers.

NM said...

32:43. Appreciate Mark R and Scotty G coming out to meet at Buckner...great way to start this Memorial Day.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Schuyler Haynes, Bill Jacobsen, and Matt Ferrara. Thanks, Fellas.

Tex said...

6 rounds for time:
25 burpees
25 sit-ups