Wednesday 2/11/09

If you have a 20lb med ball or a 53lb kettle bell, bring them to this workout so we can have max through put. First folks in go down to Hayes and get the big blue boxes for box jumps.

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

1 x 24"Box Jump
2 x 53lb Kettle bell swing
3 x 20lb Wall ball

Increase each exercise by one rep each round.

Example, round 2 is 2 x box jump, 3 x KB swing, 4 x wall ball. Round 3 is 3 x box jump, 4 x KB swing, 5 x wall ball etc...

Post number of rounds completed to comments.


RW said...

Finished on round 14 -
14 box jumps
15 kb swings
8 wallball

Bobby said...

Finished 14 complete rounds-
14 box jumps
15 kbs
16 wallball

Mac said...

Finished round 14, and did 15 box jumps before time ran out. That was a good one...very basic and tough.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Finished on round 14:
14 Box jumps
15 KBS
5 Wall balls at 20 minutes

Finished the the round at 20:15.

Great work this morning. Saw a lot of encouragement from the group which is an important part of CrossFit.

Keep each other honest as well. If someone is not going down on the wall ball or not getting full extention at the top of the box jump, make sure you tell them. If you are corrected, don't take it personally, we are all trying (and succeeding) to make each other better. This has not been a problem in the past, but the elite CrossFitters hold each other accountable. Sound familiar?

usarmychick09 said...

Finished 10 complete rounds

10 box jumps, 11 kbs, 12 wall balls, did 11 box jumps and 12 kbs before time ran out.

CMCD said...

Finished 13 rounds:
13 box jumps
14 KBS
15 wallball

Great workout this morning.

C V said...

I think I got through most of 13 rounds. I got my numbers jumbled in the middle. I tried hanging with Dan and Matt but starting falling back. It was an awesome workout though. Great turn out this morning.

NM said...

Finished on round 14:
14 box jumps
15 KBS
4 wall balls.

JP said...

Had to leave to get to a meeting at 0600 so I only did about 13 minutes. Great work out though.

I got to- 11 box jumps, 12 wallballs and 13kbs before I had to leave.

dan09 said...

16 rounds (MattF correct my if i miscounted) + 16 box jumps

MattF said...

Yeah Dan, finished round 16 and went on 17 box jumps but time ran out on us. Wall Balls killed me every set! Good WOD.

upty03 said...

12 rounds completed...

13 box jumps and 7 KB swings complete

This sucked.

Stroh's Lite said...

Completed 11 rds
+5 box jumps

This was a nice kick in the face payback for 3 weeks off CF for injury rehab...

SB said...

Got thru box jumps on 13th rnd.
tough WOD!

Dana said...

Did 14 complete rounds.

Managed to get 15 bonus box jumps and 7 kbs in before time.

Damn good workout this morning

Demet-hook said...
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Demet-hook said...

13 rds
14 jumps
10 KB swings
8 wallball

nate said...

Did 12 rounds with 5 box jumps on 13th.

Tough. Just wanted to clarify something with form. The kbs, you are suppose to take it above your head on the up swing correct? I saw other people doing it just to chest level and wasnt sure if I was doing more work than needed or what. Thanks

Michael said...

11 rounds with 12 box jumps, 13 kb swings, and 9 wallball shots before time. I did it when all the guys were coming out of the IOCT so I didn't have too much sympathy for them at the time.

g8rde>h20 said...

12 rounds full rounds and I felt great for the rest of the day

DF said...

15 rounds plus 6 bonus box jumps before the 20 minutes hit. Legit workout.

Chuck Norris said...

Finished with 13 box jumps, 14kbs, and 15 wallball. Unfortunately my arch nemesis stole the 24 inch box so 18 inch was substituted. Great workout and sweat like a stuck pig.

Ilya said...

Finished 14th round, did 15 box jumps and one wall ball. Really good workout, my back is still feeling those kettle bell swings.

dkeys said...

Finished 11 rounds.
Mixed up order of exercises a few times.