Monday 2/9/09

Tabata Frianne

8 rounds of 2o seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (20:10) for a total of 4 minutes on each of the following movements.

95lb Thruster
Pull up
225lb Dead lift
Hand stand push up

Women's Rx'd weights are 65lb for Thruster and 155lb for Dead lift.

Do each set of 8 rounds on one movement then move to the next. We will start this in 4 minute waves.

Score by counting total number of repetitions.

Post rep total to comments.


Anonymous said...

I guess the Seven Army Values do not apply on Monday????????

Good Work out by 3 set of Hand Stands could barely hold myself up

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Pull up--49
Dead lift--28
Hand stand PU--30


Great workout...I thought I was going to meet pukie this morning for sure.

I have someone's watch that was left behind. It is a Casio. I will have it in my office if you want to come by and get it.

C V said...

kept score with the lowest number of reps on each exercise.
HSPU- Static Hold

dan09 said...

lowest round for each:

thruster - 5
pull up - 5
DL - 2
HSPU - 3

CMCD said...

Didn't count all the reps but it was a great workout. My shoulders are definitely feeling it.

Plum... 'Jesus Christ Superstar' must've worn you out yesterday. Don't worry, we all understood when we were in there working our butts off.

Mac said...

Pull up-51
Dead lift-53
Hand stand PU-23


My monday WOD always seems to be the strongest...residual beer strength from the weekend.

Go Cubs said...

Couldn't fall asleep until about 3:30 or 3:45, i tried to wake up at 5:15, but figured if i went, there was no possible way i would make it through a class...made it up after lunch

Thrusters- 45
Pullups- 55
Deadlifts- 25
HSPU- 23

Total- 148, i was smoked

Michael said...

I completely lost count by the time I was finished with the workout. I couldn't do a single HSPU, my arms were smoked. Very painful workout.

Ilya said...

Kept score with the lowest number of reps:

Thruster - 4
DL - 3
PU - 2
HSPU - static hold.

RW said...

Overall felt like I gamed this workout to much today. Lesson for future Tabata days is to not be so conservative with my rep count /20 secs and push closer to muscle failure on each round.

Thruster - 43
Pull-up - 48
Deadlift - 29
HS PU - 16
Total = 136

Anonymous said...

I started with deadlifts. The tabata score for each

DL - 5
HSPU - 4
Thruster - 5
Pullups - 4

Total: 16

SB said...

thrusters- 30
PU - 58
DL (scaled to 185) - 18
HSPU - 25

total- 131

NM said...

Thruster = 41
Pull-up = 48
Dead lift = 32
HSPU = 15 (I probably shouldn't count half of form was horrible)

Total: 136

Like MAJ Wylie said, I gamed the thrusters and pull-ups too much. Next time I'm gonna push to muscle failure on those two exercises instead of attempting to maintain the same number of reps each round like I did on this workout.

upty03 said...

My score has a * by it...

Dead Lift--40

Total--184...again, there is an asterik in there because of an unathorized 30 second break halfway thru Dead Lifts.

No excuse.

Demet-hook said...

48 thrusters
40 PUs
28 DLs
31 HSPUs